2008 EEN Forum


The National Zoo, Washington, D.C. June 12-13, 2008. Over 130 individuals attended the 2008 forum, representing diverse organizations such as Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, The Nature Conservancy, and King County, Washington.


The theme of the 2008 EEN Forum was “Working Strategically to Support Change and Effectiveness.” The featured speaker was Gary Henry, University of North Carolina.

Presentation strands included:

1. Attribution: Program evaluation as a means of assigning change in environmental condition to a particular program or policy.
2. Management: The connections between performance measurement and program evaluation that are key to accountable, adaptive, outcome-based management.
3. Communication: Distributing the results and learning from evaluations across stakeholders with different roles, responsibilities, values and perspectives.

Forum Documents

Detailed Agenda – EEN 2008 Forum

This is the EEN 2008 Forum – Detailed Agenda for the forum held June 2008 in Washington, D.C.

Flyer – EEN 2008 Forum

Presenters Biographies – 2008 EEN Forum

This is a complete list of participants and biographies for the 2008 Environmental Evaluators Forum.

Forum Resources

06/13/2008 – Implications of Climate Change for Evaluation

Author: Per Mickwitz

06/13/2008 – An Online Course to Build Evaluation Capacity

Presenter: Lynette Fleming

06/13/2008 – Evaluation of Environmental Conflict Resolution

Presenter: Susan Goodwin

06/13/2008 – Another Point of View: Monitoring & Evaluation from a Donor Perspective

Presenter: Cynthia Gill

06/13/2008 – Evaluating the Performance of Collaborative Environmental Governance

Presenter: Tomas M. Koontz

06/13/2008 – Environmental Evaluation in the Age of an Uncertain Climate

Presenter: Diane Lane

06/13/2008 – Evaluating Climate Change and Development

Presenter: Rob van den Berg

06/13/2008 – Evaluating Collaborative Environmental Programs

Presenter: Lou Nadeau

06/13/2008 – Evaluation’s Role in Public Management

Presenter: Michael Jacobson

06/13/2008 – If You Love Your Program, Change Your Organization

Presenter: Brett Jenks

06/13/2008 – Knowledge to action – protecting ocean life through marine science

Presenter: Angela Bednarek

06/13/2008 – My Environmental Education Evaluation Resource Assistant

Presenter: Michaela Zint

06/13/2008 – The Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program

Presenter: Devra G. Kleiman

06/12/2008 – Observations on Making Evaluations Effective

Presenter: Jared Hardner

06/12/2008 – Results Chains: A Tool for Measuring Effectiveness and Attributing Change to Conservation Programs

Presenter: Marcia Brown

06/12/2008 – Moving Toward a Scale Independent Approach to Monitoring Status and Trends in Biodiversity

Presenter: Elizabeth Kennedy

06/12/2008 – Applying Program Evaluation Methods to Natural Resource Policy

Presenter: David Butry

06/12/2008 – Data Credibility

Presenter: Andrew Pullin

06/12/2008 – Educational Evaluation as Adaptive Management

Presenter: Daniel T. Blumstein

06/12/2008 – Featured Speaker: Casual Attribution in Environmental Program Evaluation

Presenter: Gary Henry

06/12/2008 – Influential evaluation:Not as evident as it seems

Presenter: Hans Bruyninckx

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