2010 EEN Forum


The fifth EEN Forum was co-hosted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF), the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in Washington, DC on June 7 and 8, 2010. More than 250 participants were in attendance from federal government agencies, foundations, private evaluation firms, academia, non-profits and other organizations.


The theme of the fifth EEN Forum was ”Quality in an Era of Results-Based Performance.” Over two days participants discussed the role that environmental evaluation plays in their organizations including successes, pitfalls and recommendations for addressing results-based performance.

Forum Documents

Detailed Agenda – EEN 2010 Forum

2010 EEN Forum Feedback Memo • PDF

2-Page Summary of Speakers and Topics – EEN 2010 Forum • PDF

Full 2010 Conference Packet
(Including short and long agendas, session descriptions, and speaker and attendee bios.)

Keynote Presentations

06/08/2010 – Navigating Evaluative Complexity in the Age of Obama

Presenter: Eleanor Chelimsky (U.S. GAO, Former Assistant Comptroller General for Program Evaluation and Methodology)

06/08/2010 – Chelimsky Checklist

In a presentation at the Environmental Evaluators Network, Eleanor Chelimsky discussed a checklist used by the General Accountability Office during her tenure while planning evaluations. The attached checklist was generated from that presentation (Chelimsky, 2010).

Plenary Sessions

06/07/2010 – Building Results Based Management Practice in the Biodiversity Conservation Community: Implementer and Funder Perspectives

Results Based Management in the Biodiversity Focal Area at the GEF
Driving Adoption of RBM in the Biodiversity Conservation Community
Building Results Based Management Practice – Session Notes

Presenters: Patrick Grasso (Evaluation and Management Consultant), Mark Zimsky (Global Environment Facility), Elizabeth O’Neill (World Wildlife Fund International)

Concurrent Sessions

06/07/2010 – Response to Ecosystem Change – Case Examples of Measuring Species Recovery and Governance Response to Ecosystem ChangeSession Notes

Presenters: Glenn Page (SustainaMetrix), H. Bruce Rinker (North Cross School)

06/07/2010 – Data Visualization and EvaluationSession Notes

Presenters: Juan Paulo Ramirez (University of Nebraska), Richard Gelb (King County Government, State of Washington)

06/07/2010 – Communities as Engines of Change: Achieving Quality in Environmental Policy Evaluations

Coalitions as Engines of Change
Communities as Engines of Change
Communities as Engines of Change – Session Notes

Presenters: Mary Kreger (University of California-San Francisco), Johanna Morariu (Innovation Network), Rosemarie Moreken (Inter-American Foundation), Andre Barros (Environmental Defense Network Cabo de Santo Agostinho)

06/07/2010 – Evaluating Coalition and Advocacy Capacity

A Framework for Understanding and Assessing Advocacy Capacity
Measuring Results and Assessing Capacity
Evaluating Coalition and Advocacy Capacity – Session Notes

Presenters: PeiYao Chen (TCC Group), Rhonda Schlangen (Evaluation Consultant)

06/07/2010 – Evaluative Thinking from the Beginning

Evaluative Thinking from the Beginning
Real-Time Evaluation
Evaluative Thinking from the Beginning – Session Notes

Presenters: Chuck Herrick and Diana Lane, Stratus Consulting, Inc.; Terell Lasane, EPA; Tracy Dyke Redmond, Industrial Economics, Inc.

06/07/2010 – Social Network Analysis and EvaluationSession Notes

Presenters: Ken Vance-Borland (The Conservation Planning Institute), Chris Ellis (NOAA), Ken Genskow (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

06/07/2010 – From Science to Service: Evaluating Quality and Impact of Science Translation for Decision-Makers

Evaluating the Quality and Impact of Science Translation for Decision-makers
Research Funding Program Implementation and Impact Evaluation
From Science to Service – Session Notes

Presenters: Kalle Matso (University of New Hampshire), Chad English (Communication Partnership for Science and the Sea), Holly Hartmann (University of Arizona)

06/07/2010 – Multi-Method Evaluation: Tools that Work and Ones that Don’t

A Multi-Method Evaluation Plan for Determining Conference Effectiveness
Evaluating Environmental Legislation in Canada
Multi-Method Evaluation – Session Notes

Presenters: Russ Winn (New Mexico State University), Alison Kerry (Environmental and Management Consulting), Michael Gullo (Stratos)

06/07/2010 – Evaluation and Conservation PlanningSession Notes

Presenters: Madeleine Bottrill (University of Queensland, Australia), Alejandro Ortega-Argueta (Instituto de Ecologia, A.C., Mexico)

06/07/2010 – Increasing the Capacity of Results-Based Management for Conservation Efforts

Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife Grants and Wildlife Action Plans
Open Standards in Conservation Grantmaking

Presenters: Nick Salafsky (Foundation of Success), Mark Humpert (Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies)

06/08/2010 – Program Learning in Complex Systems: Improvement Through Modeling

Organizational Learning through Modeling
Modeling Dynamic Systems
Program Learning in Complex Systems – Session Notes

Presenters: Jeff Wasbes (Research Works Inc.), Daniel Hayden (Rare Conservation)

06/08/2010 – Organizational Approaches to Measurement and Evaluation

Organizational Approaches to Measurement and Evaluation
EPA’s Organizational Approaches to Measurement and Evaluation

Presenters: Kerstin Åstrand (Swedish EPA), Jill Ferguson, Natalie Hanson and Jeffrey Harris (EPA)

06/08/2010 – Evaluation Policy in the Environmental Community

The Impacts Code: Evaluation Policy for Voluntary Standards System
Evaluation Policy in the Environmental Community: Case Finland
Evaluation Policy in the Environmental Community – Session Notes

Presenters: Kristin Komives (ISEAL Alliance), Per Mickwitz (Finnish Environment Institute)

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