Introducing the Systematic Review

2013 EENP Forum

Day 3: Sept 24, 2013 • 1:00pm-2:15pm • Great Hall

By Lisa Gaines, Oregon State University; Rob Fiegener, Oregon State University

Information overload? Cherry-picking information? What does the existing science/evidence say? Systematic reviews can be a tool to uncover the breadth (or lack thereof) of scientific evidence in natural resources and the effectiveness of policy or management actions. We will introduce the systematic review process and ask, “Where can this make a difference in the Pacific Northwest?”.

Lisa Gaines, Director of the Institute of Natural Resources in Corvallis, Oregon, works with universities, government agencies, and NGOs to develop and manage multi-institutional natural resource and international development projects and programs. She leads multi-institutional research and science review teams and proposal development teams, facilitates planning and policy dialogues, and develops and implements policy research. Her expertise includes human dimensions of environmental risk, environmental policy and decision-making, citizen participation, evaluation, and international transboundary waters.

Rob Fiegener began working at the Institute for Natural Resource in late 2010 developing the Ecosystem Commons, an online community focused on Ecosystem Services.  Rob’s background includes habitat restoration, vegetation dynamics, and native plant materials development.  Prior to joining INR, Rob worked with the Institute for Applied Ecology, the US Forest Service, and the National Park Service.


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