The 6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2017 EEEN Forum) will bring together practitioners, academics, policy-makers and other users of environmental evaluation to share views, knowledge and experiences about the use, relevance and future priorities for climate and environment policy evaluation.

Practitioners and users of environmental evaluation, such as evaluators in consultancies, academics, European and national policy-makers, are invited to participate in the 5th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2016 EEEN Forum).

The 2015 European Environmental Evaluators Network (EEEN) Forum will be hosted by the Florence School of Regulation Climate (FSR-Climate) of the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence, Italy. This year’s theme is ‘Knowledge from Climate & Environment Policy Evaluation – Supporting the road from Paris to 2050’. Find out more about this event here.

The 3rd European Environmental Evaluators Network (EEEN) Forum will be hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE in Helsinki, Finland. This year’s theme is “Linking evaluation findings to enhancing sustainability.” Find out more about this event here.

The 2nd European Environmental Evaluators Network (EEEN) Forum was organised and hosted by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA). Find out more about this event here.

In February 2012 HIVA – KU Leuven organised and hosted the 1st EEEN Forum. The forum addressed demand side expectations, side effects and methodological challenges of environmental evaluation as well as the role of a European Network of Environmental Evaluators. Find out more about the happenings of this event here.

About the EEN

The purpose of the Environmental Evaluators Network (EEN) is to advance the practice, policy and theory of evaluating environmental programs, policies and other interventions through more systematic and collective learning. The EEN is a rapidly growing and diversifying community of practice of thousands of participants committed to understanding and improving effectiveness and efficiency in the environmental sector. EEN participation is international and represents the environmental sector’s diversity of disciplines and organizations, working from the local to global scale in government agencies, non-profits, consulting organizations, foundations, and academic institutions.

Some of the ways that EEN accomplishes its purpose include:

• Fostering relationships between evaluators and users of evaluation,
• Advancing the theory of environmental evaluation, and
• Collaborating across diversity to deliver useful products and services.

EEN was founded in 2006 by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and today its sponsors and partners include government agencies, professional associations, consulting firms, foundations and universities. The Network is comprised of environmental, conservation, sustainable development, and natural resource evaluators and evaluation consumers. Individuals and organizations from academia, consulting, foundations, government and non-profits are all welcome to participate.

For More Information:

• View a list of EEN primary contacts
• Connect to EEN participants on LinkedIn


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