Evaluation for better regulation in environment and climate policies – Lessons from research and practice

15-16 September 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016 EEEN Forum Copenhagen, Denmark

Practitioners and users of environmental evaluation, such as evaluators in consultancies, academics, European and national policy-makers, are invited to participate in the 5th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2016 EEEN Forum).


The purpose of the international Environmental Evaluators Network (EEN) is to advance the practice, policy and theory of evaluating environmental programmes, policies and other interventions. Since 2012, the European Environmental Evaluators’ Network (EEEN) has been organising Forums to promote more systematic and collective learning in these areas.


The 2016 EEEN Forum will identify contributions, opportunities and lessons from evaluation research and practice to support better regulation in environment and climate policies. The forum will bring together a wide range of actors and provide a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences.

We call for contributions:

1) In areas of thematic priority objectives of the 7th Environment Action Programme. Thematic priority objectives relate to:

Natural capital. Examples: evaluations of natural capital, biodiversity and water management or policies;
Resource-efficient, green and competitive low-carbon economy. Examples: evaluations of policies in the areas of circular economy, climate change, energy, and transport;
Environment-related pressures and risks to health and well-being. Examples: evaluations of policies in the areas of air, waste, and health.

2) On how evaluations are done in a better regulation context. That can include, for example, submissions on how to improve evaluative knowledge for better regulation in environment and climate policies. Other contributions could look at the communication, relevance and impact of evaluations, as well as at the institutional evaluation set-up at national level.

How to participate

There are several ways you can participate in the event. You can join as a speaker, discussion leader or participant. For more information about these roles and about how you can apply, please refer to the 2016 EEEN Forum website.

Application deadline (for speakers, discussion leaders and participants): Tuesday 31 May 2016

Notifications about acceptance and requests to confirm attendance will be sent in June.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at eeen@eea.europa.eu.

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