The Convergence of Evaluation and Organizational Learning

2013 EENP Forum

Day 2: Sept 23, 2013 • 1:15pm • Ballard Hall Small Conference Room

By Anna Williams

All evaluators hope evaluations will help organizations to learn and improve; however, reality often falls short. The presenters will discuss how the fields of evaluation and organizational learning are merging, providing examples from the field, explaining terms, and sharing stories about successes and failures from their work.

Anna Williams is an independent consultant working to help organizations solve complex global problems. She specializes in the crossroads between evaluation, systems, strategy, and organizational learning. Tim Larson, a Principal at Ross Strategic, works with agencies, companies, philanthropies, and international organizations to improve environmental management and decision-making. Tim and Anna work with evaluation clients and experts in the field of organizational learning to improve evaluation as a tool for organizational adaptation and improvement. They are both based in Seattle.


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