Presenting Data Effectively

2013 EENP Forum

Day 2: Sept 23, 2013 • 12:30pm • Great Hall

By Stephanie Evergreen

In this session, attendees will learn the science behind good communication for evaluation graphs, reports, and slideshows. Attendees will leave with direct, pointed changes that can be administered using existing technology to enhance data presentation products such that they meet contemporary reader expectations and increase the likelihood of evaluation use.

Stephanie D. H. Evergreen is a sought-after speaker, designer, and evaluator who brings a research-based approach to helping clients shine their work. She is co-editor and co-author of two forthcoming issues of New Directions for Evaluation on data visualization. She regularly blogs on data presentation at Her book, Presenting Data Effectively: Communicating Your Findings for Maximum Impact, will be published by Sage in Fall 2013.


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