Evaluating Behavior Change Intervention Opportunities for Energy-Efficiency Programs

2013 EENP Forum

Day 2: Sept 23, 2013 • 10:45am • Greenhouse

By Alexandra Dunn, Research Into Action; Mersiha McClaren, Research Into Action; Loren Lutzenhiser, Portland State University

Utilities and other agencies often use rebates and information to encourage customers to invest in energy-efficient improvements. Policy makers and program planners nationwide hope to expand beyond these two intervention approaches. This session examines challenges with how to apply recognized social science theories more systematically in intervention design and evaluation.

Alexandra Dunn, Ph.D., has conducted experimental and quasi-experimental research for more than 12 years, including two years with Research Into Action. Mersiha McClaren, Ph.D. Candidate, conducts market characterization research for Research Into Action and studies energy efficiency choice behaviors at Portland State University. Loren Lutzenhiser, Professor of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University, is a leading researcher in the area of energy, behavior and climate change.


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