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The second Canadian Environmental Evaluators Network Forum was held at the Government Conference Centre in Ottawa, Ontario on September 22-23, 2009.  Some fifty people attended the event, which included a cross section of evaluators and program managers in federal, provincial, municipal, academic, non-profit foundation sectors and included representation from the United States.

The forum was planned and delivered by a small consortium of volunteers from both public and private sectors. The event was supported by Environment Canada with financial contributions from seven federal organizations with environmental portfolio interests (Agriculture Canada, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Indian and Northern Affairs, Natural Resources Canada, Parks Canada, Public Works and Government Services).

The following section provides links to presentations delivered at the Canadian forum.

Forum Documents

Agenda – 2009 EEN Canada

Environmental Evaluators Network [Canada]: Post-forum survey results


09/22/2009 – Finding Common Ground in Our Work With Others

Author: Kim Scott

09/22/2009 – Public Participation in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

Authors: Mario Gauthier, Louis Simard

09/22/2009 – Building Evaluation Capacity in Engos

Author: Gabriella Kalapos

09/22/2009 – Project on the Evaluation of the Human Dimensions of the Target Audiences Regarding Eastern Wolves Conservation in La Mauricie National Park of Canada

Author: Marie-Andree Leith

09/22/2009 – Welcome and Logistics

Author: V. Neimanis

09/22/2009 – Environmental Evaluators Network Logistic Model

Author: V. Neimanis

09/22/2009 – Working Session on the Forum and Network

Authors: V. Neimanis, Alison Kerry

09/22/2009 – Contaminated Site Management Contributes to Maintaining and Improving Ecological Integrity in Canada’s National Parks

Author: Mikaïlou Sy

09/22/2009 – Environmental Program Evaluation in Government: A Perspective from the US

Author: Katherine Dawes

09/22/2009 – Parks Canada Agency EI Monitoring and Reporting Program

Author: Donald McLennan

09/22/2009 – Summary of Day 1

Authors: V. Neimanis & Alison Kerry

09/22/2009 – Bridging the Gap: Measuring the Value of Government and Not-for-profits doing Good Together

Authors: Samantha Burdett et al

09/22/2009 – Building Evaluative Capacity in Environmental Programs

09/23/2009 – Making Evaluations Useful: Lessons of Experience

Author: Elizabeth J. McAllister

09/23/2009 – Differing Perspectives and Uses of Evaluation

Author: Tricia Wind

09/23/2009 – Differing Perspectives on Environmental Evaluation

Author: Bob Masterson

09/23/2009 – Environment and Government: Role of the CESD

Author: Richard Arseneault

09/23/2009 – Building a Sustainable Tomorrow: Differing Perspectives on Environmental Evaluation

Author: Bob Masterson

09/23/2009 – EEN 2009 Survey Results

Presenter: Michael Gullo

09/23/2009 – Evaluating Environmental Programs: Perspective from Environment Canada

Author: Shelley Borys

This section will serve as a clearing-house of documents and information related to the network.

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