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On September 25-26, 2008, the first Canadian Environmental Evaluators Network Forum was held at the Government Conference Centre in Ottawa, Ontario. Fifty people attended the event, which included a cross section of evaluators and program managers in federal, provincial, municipal, academic, non-profit foundation sectors and representation from the United States.

The forum was supported by Environment Canada as well as by financial contributions from six federal organizations with environmental portfolio interests (Agriculture Canada, Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Health Canada, Natural Resources Canada, Parks Canada).

The following section provides links to presentations delivered at the Canadian forum.

Forum Documents

Flyer – EEN 2008 Canada Forum

Forum Resources

11/26/2008 – EEN Canada 2008 Evaluation Survey

This report outlines feedback received from forum participants that responded to the evaluation survey.

09/25/2008 – Behaviour Changes as Development Results in NRM

Author: Kaia Ambrose

09/25/2008 – Building Evaluative Capacity in Conservation and Environment

Author: Matt Birnbaum

09/25/2008 – Counting Trees

Author: Laura Ellis

09/25/2008 – Contribution of Evaluation to Improved Environmental Programming

Author: David Fairbairn

09/25/2008 – Evaluating Conservation Efforts

Author: Cathy Wilkinson

09/25/2008 – Evaluating Environmental Programs

Author: Shelley Borys

09/25/2008 – Launch of Environmental Evaluators Network

Author: V. Neimanis

09/25/2008 – Management Effectiveness Reporting in Parks Canada

Author: Stephen Woodley

09/25/2008 – Overview of the Participant Survey

Author: Michael Gullo

09/25/2008 – Setting the Conditions for Environmental Evaluation

Author: Helena Olivas

09/25/2008 – Summary of Day 1

Authors: V Neimanis and Alison Kerry

09/25/2008 – Towards Sustainable Mining

Author: Stephanie Meyer

09/25/2008 – Working Session on the Forum and Network

Author: V. Neimanis

This section will serve as a clearing-house of documents and information related to the network.

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