Discussion Agenda


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1. Welcome and Introductions (15 min)

2. Environmental Evaluators Network: (10 min)

a.    History of the EEN and the Forum
b.    EEN in 2011

3. 2011 Forum Content and Format (20 min)

a.    Theme

i.    What are your thoughts about “Complexity” as the theme for the 2011 EEN Forum?
ii.   In the context of complexity, what are some specific topics or issues that EEN participants should discuss?

b.    Improving capacity for evaluation in the environmental sector (20)

i.    Considering a theme of ‘Complexity’, what skills, knowledge, tools, research, experience, etc. are (or will be) most critical for   improving the capacity of EEN participants to advance the practice, theory and policy of measurement and evaluation?
ii.   How should these be discussed or presented at the Forum?

c.     Effective networking (20 min)

i.    What do you want to achieve through networking at the EEN Forum?
ii.   How would you like to network with EEN participants?

4. Future role of the Advisory Group  (5 min)

a.    Continued feedback
b.    Call for proposals…for presentation and discussion
c.    Promoting EEN in our networks

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