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Feel free to download and view the current EEN Logic Model. Afterwards, post a comment or suggestion below and we’ll use it to improve the EEN’s logic model. Read More ››

GPRA Moderization Act of 2010

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Overview • President Obama signed on 01/04/11 • House agrees to Senate Amendments on 12/21/10 (216 – 139) • Passed by the Senate on 12/16/10 • Passed by the House on 06/16/10 For a complete overview and side-by-side analysis, download the GPRA Word Doc here. Federal Government Federal Government... Read More ››


  1. 21 February 11, 7:35am

    Hello Matt,
    Currently we’re allowing everyone to share their ideas in the “Post a Comment” field at the bottom of most of the pages. There are several ways you can contribute longer passages of text. First, post everything here in the comment field. Second, write an excerpt to your article in this field, then leave a link to the website where the rest of the article is hosted. Third, write an excerpt, post it here, and then add an attachment for other viewers to download and read. If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly at and I will help you!

  2. Matt Keene
    14 February 11, 4:11pm

    How do I post a ‘featured article’?

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