GPRA Moderization Act of 2010

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• President Obama signed on 01/04/11
• House agrees to Senate Amendments on 12/21/10 (216 – 139)
• Passed by the Senate on 12/16/10
• Passed by the House on 06/16/10

For a complete overview and side-by-side analysis, download the GPRA Word Doc here.

Federal Government

Federal Government Priority Goals

• Director of OMB with agency coordination will develop priority goals to improve the performance and management of the Federal Government (FG). FG goals include outcome oriented goals and goals for management improvements: financial, human capital, IT, procurement and acquisition, and real property management.
• Shall be long-term in nature and at a minimum updated or revised every 4 years and made publicly available concurrently with the submission of the Budget in the first full FY following any year in which the term of the President commences.
• List Director of OMB shall coordinate with agencies to develop interim FG priority goals and submit interim FG performance plans consistent with the requirement beginning with the submission of the FY 2013 budget.
• Consult periodically with Congress when developing or making adjustment to FG priority goals; director of OMB will consult at least once every 2 years with appropriate committees of Congress.

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    Would anyone like to share their thoughts about how the GPRA Moderization Act of 2010 will affect us?

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