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Sweden’s environmental objectives: methodological challenges

Lisa Eriksson, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has overall responsibility that Swe­dens´s environmental objectives are achieved. The SEPA is facing big methodological chal­lenges concerning... Read More ››

How to evaluate climate policy: case of an evaluation-based performance audit of Finnish climate and energy strategy

Paula Kivimaa, Finnish Environment Institute Evaluations of climate policy are challenging both prior and after implementation of new policies. They are compli­cated by uncertain cause-effect chains, multiple other causes... Read More ››

Ecosystem service indicators: are we ready to measure ecosystem performance?

Wouter Van Reeth, Flemish Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO) Since the publication of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA) policymakers and other stake­holders are increasingly embracing the idea... Read More ››

Using a scorecard to assess progress in incorporating climate change considerations in managing the US National Forest System

David A. Cleaves, US Forest Service Climate change is a major concern to the US Forest Service. Most of the urgent forest and grassland management challenges of the past... Read More ››

Bridging the communication gap between evaluation and decision making: the Network of Knowledge Approach for Europe

Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation at Bangor University With international initiatives taking major steps forward on biodiversity data, monitoring and evalua­tion, it becomes increasingly urgent to make knowledge... Read More ››

Best practices that shape sustainable urban futures: beyond ‘examples which are to hand’

Sofie Bouteligier, Wageningen University; Han Vandevyvere, KU Leuven; Bart Ver­coutere, Royal Haskoning; Hans Bruyninckx, HIVA – KU Leuven In the search for more sustainable ways of living, policymakers look... Read More ››

Competition effects of the renewable energy policy reform in Flanders

Annemie Bollen, Socio-Economic Council of Flanders (SERV); Peter van Humbeeck, Univer­sity of Antwerp (UA) and Socio-Economic Council of Flanders (SERV) To promote renewable electricity, Flanders is using a system... Read More ››

Linking modes of governance and social-ecological outcomes in environmental evaluation

Edward Challies and Nicolas Jager, Leuphana University of Lüneburg We address the interrelationships between social and ecological outcomes of environmental policies and pro­grammes under different modes of governance. While... Read More ››

The role of analytical economics in environmental policy evaluation: interaction of waste and energy policies

Maarten Dubois, KU Leuven The EEEN forum has the objective to advance the evaluation of environmental policies.  As resources become ever more scarce, policy needs well-integrated decisions that take... Read More ››