Sweden’s environmental objectives: methodological challenges

2012 EEEN Forum / Evaluation

Lisa Eriksson, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) has overall responsibility that Swe­dens´s environmental objectives are achieved. The SEPA is facing big methodological chal­lenges concerning how to evaluate these goals in a policy context. The goal system consists of goals of different kind. There is one generational goal, defining the direction of the changes in society that need to occur within one generation if the environmental quality objectives are to be met. There is also the Envi­ronmental quality objectives, defining the state of the Swedish environment which environmental action is to result in. Decisions on all these goals will be taken by the Riksdag. Step by step the SEPA is finding its way in this com­plexity. In the suggested presentation and discussion we wish to point out these challenges as well as the actions taken place or being suggested to meet these methodological chal­lenges. This we think could lead to a fruitful discussion on how to address the problems and possibilities. The discussion aims to share views, knowledge and experiences. The presen­tation will be held by Lisa Eriksson and Anna Lundmark Essen at the SEPA´s Evaluation Sec­tion at the Research and Assessment Department.

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