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The place of climate change impacts in the European Commission’s impact assessment system

Valentine van Gameren, IGEAT – ULB This contribution discusses how the impacts of European policy proposals on climate change are taken into account through the impact assessment (IA) system... Read More ››

Climate proofing development co-operation through sustainability assessment: potential and limitations

Jean Hugé, KLIMOS Research Platform on Climate Change & Development Co-operation, Forest Ecology & Management Research Group at KU Leuven and Centre for Sustainable Development at University Ghent Climate... Read More ››

Stocktaking of the availability of masters level and professional training courses in environmental evaluation across Europe

Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence Based Conservation at Bangor University The goal of this contribution is not to conduct a comprehensive stocktaking of the availability of training courses in... Read More ››

Do evaluations contribute to public policy formation? The case of Swedish wolf hunting

Kerstin Åstrand, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Finnish Environment Insti­tute Environmental evaluations are often thought of as a means to induce learning and development in public policy­making. Evaluations of... Read More ››

Regulatory impact analysis in Flanders: policy and trends

Peter van Humbeeck, University of Antwerp (UA) and Socio-Economic Council of Flanders (SERV) This presentation deals with the experience and unsolved issues after seven years Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA)... Read More ››

Discussion session: environmentally harmful subsidies

Kris Bachus, HIVA – KU Leuven; Patrick ten Brink, Institute for European Environmental Pol­icy (IEEP); Frans Oosterhuis, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at VU University Amsterdam Environmentally harmful subsidies... Read More ››

Evaluating environmental law and policy in the Netherlands: experiences from the ‘STEM’ programme

Frans Oosterhuis, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM) at VU University Amsterdam Between 2004 and 2010, the Dutch Ministry of Environment ran a programme ‘Structural Evaluation of Environ­mental Legislation’ (Dutch... Read More ››

Missing the Fruit for the Ladder

Written by Matt Keene. Wisdom, rooted in knowledge of thyself, is a prerequisite of good judgment.Though the purpose of evaluation is to serve, the discipline yet lacks the self-awareness... Read More ››

EEN Logic Model

Feel free to download and view the current EEN Logic Model. Afterwards, post a comment or suggestion below and we’ll use it to improve the EEN’s logic model. Read More ››