HIVA Mission

HIVA-K.U.Leuven – Research Institute for Work and Society

Research that works!


Our team consists of over 80 qualified academic researchers and employees. HIVA has a multidisciplinary staff and specialises in policy-oriented research on labour and society. This gives HIVA a unique position within K.U.Leuven and outside the university.


Our top priorities are scientific quality and social relevance. We conduct high-quality, innovative academic and policy-related research that works for people and society. We translate our research findings into policy advice and individually tailored training. Attention for the problems affecting workers, socially vulnerable groups, social organisations and movements in society is always the common thread.


We focus on themes of concern for a caring, solidarity-based and sustainable society. By accumulating scientific knowledge and applying it to socially relevant topics, we aim to work to ensure greater social justice, more participation and equal opportunities for all citizens in this society.


Our institute is a strategic partnership between K.U.Leuven and the Christian Labour Movement. We actively cooperate with social organisations, governments, businesses and other knowledge centres, and in this way have been creating a bridge for over 30 years between science, policy and practice, locally and worldwide.

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