2013 EEEN Acknowledgements

2013 EEEN Forum

We want to thank our colleagues in evaluation for providing their insights, experience, and time in the planning and development of the 2nd European Environmental Evaluators Network forum.

2013 EEEN Advisory Board

Kerstin Åstrand Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Hans Bruyninckx HIVA – KU Leuven
Lisa Eriksson Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
Odile Heddebaut French Institute of Science an Technology for Transport, Development and Networks
Matthew Keene US Environmental Protection Agency
Andrew S. Pullin Bangor University
Jukka Similä Finnish Environmental Institute
Luc Van Ootegem University College Ghent and HIVA – KU Leuven
Marleen Van Steertegem Flemish Environment Agency
Edwin Zaccaï Université Libre de Bruxelles

2013 EEEN Planning Team

David Berglund Swedish EPA
Gabriella Carlsson Swedish EPA
Lisa Eriksson Swedish EPA
Hördur Haraldsson Swedish EPA
Sara Holmgren Swedish EPA
Anna Lundmark Essen Swedish EPA
Björn Persson Swedish EPA
Hans ten Berg Swedish EPA
Marie Wiktorsson Swedish EPA

We also want to thank Chris Metzner for developing and maintaining the European section of the Environmental Evaluators Network website. Thanks also to Per Mickwitz and Lieven de Smet for their valuable contribution in the planning and communication process.

Finally, we want to thank all the contributors at the 2nd EEEN forum!


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