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Using a scorecard to assess progress in incorporating climate change considerations in managing the US National Forest System

David A. Cleaves, US Forest Service Climate change is a major concern to the US Forest Service. Most of the urgent forest and grassland management challenges of the past 20 years, such as wildfires, changing water regimes, and ex­panding... Read More ››

Bridging the communication gap between evaluation and decision making: the Network of Knowledge Approach for Europe

Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation at Bangor University With international initiatives taking major steps forward on biodiversity data, monitoring and evalua­tion, it becomes increasingly urgent to make knowledge derived from these initiatives accessible for decision-making. Discussions about IPBES... Read More ››

Best practices that shape sustainable urban futures: beyond ‘examples which are to hand’

Sofie Bouteligier, Wageningen University; Han Vandevyvere, KU Leuven; Bart Ver­coutere, Royal Haskoning; Hans Bruyninckx, HIVA – KU Leuven In the search for more sustainable ways of living, policymakers look for initiatives that have fruitfully contributed to achieving this goal... Read More ››