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Evaluation of the environmental subsidies to local authorities in Flanders, Belgium

Annick Gommers, TRITEL In the context of the Flemish environmental policy, more than 15 different subsidies are being granted to local authorities (communities, provinces, …) by different and independent agencies of the Flemish environmental ad­ministration. The purpose of the ongoing... Read More ››

Evaluating transitions

Sander Happaerts, Matthias Bussels and Hans Bruyninckx, HIVA – KU Leuven; Derk Loorbach, Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT) This session will briefly portray the design and dynamics of the transition management approach, investigating into the possibilities and methodological... Read More ››

Environment within the European Commission: the role of integrated impact assessment

Emilie Mutombo, IGEAT – ULB In the current context of economic and environmental crisis and their related complexity and uncer­tainties, what the demand side seems to expect is, among other, robust factual evidences about the effectiveness of its policies... Read More ››