EPA Evaluation Interns: What We’re Doing and How You Can Help


Katelyn Cummings, Carnegie Mellon University; Laura Rothlisberger, Brigham Young University


During this session, we will be discussing the two projects that the EPA evaluation interns are currently working on. One involves the legislation that affects environmental program evaluation, and the other entails what online resources and tools evaluators would appreciate on the EPA’s Evaluation Support Division (ESD) website.

Program Evaluation Legislation

Statutes affect an agency or organization’s ability to conduct program evaluation in a wide variety of policy fields, including the environmental policy field. Legislation often determines what is evaluated, how it is evaluated, and the funding available. We will discuss how current US legislation might support or impede environmental program evaluation in a variety of organizations.

Improving EPA’s Evaluation Website

ESD is redesigning the EPA evaluation website this summer. This redesign should not only explain how the EPA uses evaluation but should also create an online space where current and future environmental evaluators can find relevant information on evaluation. We’d like to take this opportunity to hear from you what information, resources, or tools would be most useful to you on our website. We would also like to incorporate a list of resources that you have found helpful, easy to use, informative, or just plain awesome.

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