An EEN Repository: Finding and Using Environmental Evaluation

EEN Special Projects

Project Description:

A project description is coming soon. Please email the project leader for more information (or leave your name in the comments field below) to join the group.

Project Leader:

Kara Crohn

Team Members:

Joe McCrary

Juha Uitto

Avigya Karki

Abigail Burrows

Lieven De Smet

Andrew Pullin

Nick Hart


  1. Matt Keene
    17 June 13, 8:47am


    Data-Intensive Research to Improve Teaching and Learning – An Ideas Lab to Foster Transformative Approaches to Teaching and Learning

  2. 14 September 12, 2:04pm

    Please contact me if you are interested in joining this group. I will be scheduling the first conference call for late September.

  3. 14 September 12, 2:03pm

    Project Description:
    Establish a repository for environmental evaluation materials such as EEN member white papers and presentations. Materials will likely be hosted on AEA’s online library server and accessible from the EEN website. Our group needs to develop a protocol for posting and maintaining materials, discuss this with Susan Kistler at AEA, and get the repository up and running!

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