Steve Adams

Managing Director of the Climate Leadership Initiative at the Resource Innovations Group

Presentation Title

Measuring & Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation: Diversity, Uncertainty, and Evolution


While the efforts are ongoing to mitigate climate change, simultaneous efforts at the national, regional and local levels are also underway to adapt to future with a changed climate. A key to ensuring that climate change adaptation planning is effective will be to incorporate performance measurement and program evaluation protocols into these efforts. This roundtable will begin with an overview of experiences around the development of the U.S. Cross-Agency Framework for Adaptation, that includes program evaluation, and EPA’s adaptation planning process. as well as to provide a forum for the discussion of the unique set of challenges that climate change and climate adaptation present to evaluators. The primary goal of this roundtable is to lay the foundations for the development of a community of practice around climate change adaptation and related fields that will address these and other issues as they emerge. The vision is for this network to develop into a group that can share lessons learned and best practices and come together to address the challenges that come from measuring and evaluating programs in the changing and uncertain world in which we are now operating.

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