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The place of climate change impacts in the European Commission’s impact assessment system

Valentine van Gameren, IGEAT – ULB This contribution discusses how the impacts of European policy proposals on climate change are taken into account through the impact assessment (IA) system of the European Commission. Our analysis is based on an evaluation of fourteen selected IA reports. These reports deal with policy initiatives more or less linked to climate change con­cerns, were prepared by five different responsi­ble Directorates-General (AGRI, TREN, RDT, ENTR, DEV) and stagger from 2005 to 2009. The used methodology is composed from a content analysis of these IA reports as well as inter­views with several members of the... Read More ››

Climate proofing development co-operation through sustainability assessment: potential and limitations

Jean Hugé, KLIMOS Research Platform on Climate Change & Development Co-operation, Forest Ecology & Management Research Group at KU Leuven and Centre for Sustainable Development at University Ghent Climate change adaptation entered the field of development cooperation fairly recently. Inter­national organisations, civil society and academics rapidly flooded policymakers with new jargon, recommendations and best practices. Recipient and donor countries alike need to adjust to this new reality in a very short time span. Although policy-supporting instruments for environmental integration sensu lato have been used in development cooperation for many years (e.g. EIA & SEA), a two-way perspective is necessary... Read More ››

Stocktaking of the availability of masters level and professional training courses in environmental evaluation across Europe

Andrew Pullin, Centre for Evidence Based Conservation at Bangor University The goal of this contribution is not to conduct a comprehensive stocktaking of the availability of training courses in environmental evaluation across Europe at the forum, but rather to have a round­table discussion and explore what is available. In case we feel there is a lot of enthusiasm we might draft a plan of how to take this stocktaking forward. Read More ››