Let’s Get Interactive!… EPA’s Brand Spankin’ New Online Logic Model Training


Yvonne Watson, EPA


We’ve often heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Many organizations, programs and projects often run into trouble because they lack a clear understanding of how their programs are supposed to operate and find it challenging to communicate the results of their programs and projects. A logic model is a picture that uses diagrams and text to illustrate the relationships/connection between a program resources, outputs, customers, outcomes, goals and objectives. A logic model can help managers and staff in government, and grantees understand whether their program or project is operating as intended and achieving the expected outcomes, goals and objectives. Complete with imbedded quizzes, this self-paced, web-based, interactive on-line course will provide users with practical instruction and the basic steps needed to develop a logic model. Imbedded quizzes, will help users remain engaged and will help ensure users grasp key concepts such as the core logic model elements, the difference between an output and an outcome, and how to apply these concepts to create a logic model of their program, project or organization.

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