How To Participate

Here is the text where you can learn about how to participate in the unconference.


  1. Matt
    13 March 12, 12:59pm

    Hi there Emily. I’m coordinator of the EEN. I know that many many EEN participants will anxiously await hearing about your work. Are you in contact with the climate-eval folks? And we had a session dedicated to adaptation at last year’s 2011 US EEN Forum – you can access the notes on the website. The website is undergoing a restructuring right now so let me know if you have any difficulties.

    You’ll get more info on the 2012 US Forum in DC at the beginning of April if you join the linkedin group or if you’re a member of the American Evaluation Association. You won’t need to submit abstracts…but you will need to start the conversation about your topic in the online discussion space we will set up soon. We’ll send updates in early March about what and unconference is and how it will work for EEN.

    We’ll also have pre-Forum workshops this year the day prior to the 2 day Forum – Evaluation 101; Adaptive Management, Rapid Impact Evaluation; and Systems Theory/Thinking in Evaluation.

    Happy to chat anytime.

    Matt Keene, Social Scientist
    Evaluation Support Division
    Office of Policy, US EPA
    Skype mwkeene

    Save the Dates:
    2012 EEN/AEA US Forum, Washington, DC July 17-19, 2012
    2012 EEN Mexico Forum, Xalapa, Veracruz July 13-14, 2012
    Twitter EnviroEvalNet

  2. 13 March 12, 11:47am


    My colleagues and I are interested in speaking at this “unconference.” Is there an abstract submission that we need to fill out? Please let us know as we are undergoing research on evaluating the effectiveness of adaptation actions taken by the U.S. Federal Government.

    Thank you,

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