Group Members

2011 EEN Advisory Group Members

Jonny Morell Fulcrum Corporation
Evaluation & uncertainty and complexity; consultant for railroad industry concerning safety; Research & Development
Mary Kreger Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, University of California
Environmental justice; amateur astronomer
Nick Hart US Office of Management and Budget
Holistic view of Federal environmental agencies; advocate for Obama evaluation policy and overlooking EPA; works with Council of Economic Advisers
Richard Gelb King County, Washington
Performance management & evaluation; equitable distribution of benefits & burdens of political decisions and environmental outcomes
Steve Adams The Resource Innovation Group
Adaption of natural and human systems/settlements in response to climate change
Ana Prados US NASA
Air quality & capacity building for policy makers using air quality data; Earth Science Information Partners (networking group)
Mya Strauss US EPA
Assess the impact and utilization of EPA research (e.g. in regulations and applied by general scientific community)
Hans Bruyninckx Katholieke Universiteit, Belgium
EU; EEN Europe; Environmental Policy (esp. methodologies; social science perspective)
Richard Margoluis Foundations of Success
Improving the practice of conservation by reaching agreement on open standards for conservation, adaptive management
Annette Rizzo Sierra Club
Kate Barba US NOAA
Sacheen Tavares-Leighton US NOAA
Capacity building
Christina Kakoyannis National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Sustaining EEN; working more directly with program staff to determine which programs operate effectively and which evaluation methods meet their needs
Dr. Alejandro Ortega-Argueta Instituto de Ecologia, A. C.
EEN Mexico, studying protected areas and conservation planning

2011 EEN Planning Team

Alexandra Ritchie US Bureau of Land Management
Linking evaluations with performance measurement and budget planning; Interdisciplinary evaluations (esp. in a multiple-use land management agency) Nexus between evaluation reporting and environmental stories reported by mass media
LaVanna Stevenson US Bureau of Land Management
Strategic, interdisciplinary and risk-based evaluation vs. program-specific evaluations; improving linkages between external audit and internal evaluation communities
Katherine Dawes US EPA
EEN & AEA; serves on AEA Policy Task Force (U.S. focus)
Matt Keene US EPA
EEN coordinator, effectiveness
Alison Drucker JDM Associates
EEN contractor
Deb Cloutier JDM Associates
EEN contractor

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