About the Theme

2014 EEEN Forum

EEEN is a forum for European environmental evaluators and a part of the international Environmental Evaluators Network that has organised international conferences on an annual basis. The 1st European environmental Evaluators forum was held in Leuven, the 2nd in Stockholm and the 3rd will be held in Helsinki and will be hosted by the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE. The objective of the forum is to advance the field of environmental evaluation, defined as environmental policy and programme evaluation, through more systematic and collective learning among evaluators and evaluation users. The EEEN forums aim to bring together researchers, practitioners and users of environmental evaluation at any level and provide them with the opportunity to share views, knowledge and experiences about the influence, importance and future of environmental evaluation in their respective organisations, domains and disciplines.

Linking evaluation findings to enhancing sustainability

The theme of the 3rd EEEN forum is ‘Linking evaluation findings to enhancing sustainability’ paying particular attention to the influence of evaluations, coordination of knowledge generated by evaluations, and linking the evaluation of policy measures to long-term policy goals. Thus, the 3rd EEEN forum is focused on three sub-themes:

Exploring the Influence of Evaluation Knowledge

Coordination of evaluations at various levels

Linking policy measures to long-term policy goals

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