303: Can Feds Kiss? Creating a Simple and Smart Strategic Execution and Evaluation “System” Despite Complex Mandates and Requirements


Elizabeth Davenport, NOAA
Thanh Vo Dinh, NOAA


Currently, NOAA has started to implement its new Next Generation Strategic Plan (NGSP) with four strategic goals and three enterprise areas.  NOAA rolled out a new improved corporate decision making process named Strategic Execution and Evaluation (SEE). Through these two major aspects of NOAA corporate governance, NOAA intends to improve its organizational learning to improve agency performance and provide intended results with the most efficient investments.  This session will explore NOAA’s real time adaptation of an evaluation framework that complies with new requirements of Government Performance and Results Act Modernization Act (GPRAMA) while growing evaluation as an organic mechanism for NOAA to learn, improve and provide results to the public.  How will GPRAMA shape NOAA’s evaluation framework?   This session will raise challenges common to all agencies, share experiences, and stimulate discussion and advice useful to interested participants.

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