Use of Adaptive Program Evaluation in the Environmental Policy Arena

2013 EENP Forum

Day 3: Sept 24, 2013 • 10:45am • Wright Hall Small Conference Room

By Andy Chinn, Ross Strategic; Nancy Tosta, Ross Strategic; Louis Sweeney, Ross Strategic

A facilitated collaborative design discussion to explore the concept of adaptive (or “iterative”) evaluation in which the evaluators refine their focus and/or methodology based on initial findings. Session participants will discuss the applicability of these types of evaluations for environmental issues and explore various design options.

Andy Chinn. Mr. Chinn provides analytical support to projects with diverse objectives and stakeholders. Prior to joining Ross Strategic, Mr. Chinn worked on policy and development for a national non-profit environmental organization. Nancy Tosta has 35 years of experience within and consulting to public agencies and not-for-profit organizations, providing analysis and insight in evaluation, information management, natural resources management, and program and policy development. Louis Sweeny joined Ross Strategic in 1997. He brings a unique combination of skills, particularly related to information management, environmental issues, EPA policies and programs, and the interaction of these subjects.


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