Networked Learning Among Environmental Users and Practitioners: Starting the Conversation

2013 EENP Forum

Day 2: Sept 23, 2013 • 9:00am • Great Hall, Wright Hall

By Beverly Parsons

The organizers describe the EEN Pacific Forum as a networking-intensive, learning-focused “evaluation camp” to make collective progress toward sustainable systems and societies in the region. This opening presentation sets the stage for such networked learning by providing three starters to frame our networked learning. The starters build on systems thinking, evaluative thinking, and translation into practice by both evaluators and evaluation users.

Applying theories of system change is a passion of Beverly Parsons’ career. She is Executive Director of InSites, a non-profit research, evaluation, and planning organization. She focuses on evaluating multi-year, multi-site initiatives that involve formal and informal social systems across sectors. She works nationally and internationally. Beverly is President-elect of the American Evaluation Association. She holds a PhD in Educational Research and Evaluation, a BS in Medical Technology and a certificate in Sustainable Business.


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  1. Matt Keene
    17 September 13, 6:41am

    Here, Beverly and everyone will answer “How will you make ‘Networked Learning for Sustainable Systems’ happen for you at the #EENP Forum?” In this session we’ll follow Beverly’s presentation with a session structure called 1-2-4-All to involve the entire Forum audience in answering this question and setting our ambitions and expectations for the remainder of the event. See you next week!

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