Methodological challenges in evaluations: The case of consumption and waste

2013 EEEN Forum

Hans ten Berg; Lisa Eriksson, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for compiling statistics in the area of waste disposal. These are used mainly for monitoring the national environmental goals in the area, as well as reporting on Swedish conditions to the EU and international organizations. There are extensive Lmderlying documented data for waste statistics, compiled by many different entities and subject to a great deal of Lmcertainty. At the same time, compiling data is costly. The waste statistics reported to the EU are often not transferable for use in monitoring national environmental goals. This evaluation elucidates the current methods and conditions for producing waste statistics, and evaluates whether the compilation of statistical information about waste is being done in an efficient manner within the constraints of prioritizations, resources and norms.

In the suggested presentation we wish to discuss the methodological challenges to address these difficulties. The presentation and discussion will be held by Hans ten Berg and Lisa Eriksson at the SEPA’s Evaluation Section at the Research and Assessment Department.


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