Social Marketing / Communications Eval / Measurement

2012 EEN Forum

Led by Kristin Juffer

Social Marketing as a holistic concept. How to cross-communicate with all different types of people, different types of marketing/use of technology, etc…, as people adapt to change at different levels. Steps would be involving being able to advertise how the group can relate the topic/service/product, noting who are you speaking to and about what, and figuring out what can be taken from the results.

Development of social marketing in different agencies and topics. Whether it is businesses or corporations, government agencies, non-profits, or even educational entities, social marketing is used by all. Everyone has different perspectives, methodologies, values, and experiences, so different evaluations and results are accumulated as well as different issues arise.

The strategy of social marketing, that include program evaluations, utilization of data, and social media. The main debate is how to engage the public at large, how the public or environment is affected and evaluated by social marketing, and the following results/feedback. Problems to look out for is how to quantify/qualify results, how to transfer results to different contexts, note different underlying variables, measure certain data, and then develop new marketing or policy strategies to develop more thorough returns or results that are desired.

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