Low Cost No Cost Tech Tools

2012 EEN Forum

By Susan Kistler


The tools include: official seals, color pickers (matcher), bitly (URL shortner), google alerts, tableau public (graphs), Prezi (presentations), office timeline maker free, tagxedo (word cloud), DoView (logic models).

• Tableau public website – tableausoftware.com
• Google motion sites Prezi vs power point…can get free version of Prezi with a university email address.
• Office timeline 2010 – Timeline wizard. Dynamic way of creating timelines for projects, etc.
• Tagxedo – a website to make “word art”; it’s a circle with bigger words denoting higher clicks or what the document contains. Also worldle, but worldle generally makes word clouds with a lot less flexibility. Still very simple. ******NOT AN ANALYSIS TOOL.
• DoView3.04 – only $75, easy to use, can use with stakeholders – but stakeholder’s can’t edit the models unless they buy it too.
• Smartdraw – does a lot of the same things as DoView
• Step 1: Official seal maker helps people move through reports. Choosing colors helps reports keep with a thematic look, although, they don’t render the same on different screens, printers, or browsers. Step 2: Upload a picture.
• Link shortener applications can count link openings, which helps with evaluations. You can customize the shortened link.

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