Future of evaluation

2012 EEN Forum

Led by John Gargani

Are external or internal evaluations to dominate in the future? Discussion included considerations of the availability of information, that may compromise the quality of evaluations conducted.

What about developmental evaluation? A question was raised about this leading to discussion on the expanding boundaries of evaluations. On a related note, discussion moved to considerations of what evaluation essentially is.

What will be market for evaluation be in the future? What does it mean in the future for supply and demand of evaluators? Discussion touched upon the reality where certifications of evaluations and evaluators are prevalent.

The Future of Evaluation: predictions on the change of the facets of the evaluation industry. Market Value for the Growth and Decline of the Evaluation Industry, What does the definition of evaluation even mean in a changing society, How Evaluation is used in different industries or methodologies, and simply What is evaluation/what is it good for? Key steps would be noticing trends in the demand for evaluators and the changing industry to need evaluations to reevaluate policies (due to

Evaluation for the Public Good vs. Private Sector: Evaluations becoming external, generalized as a single entity/application so the public can use, creation of public/social policy and in academics. On the other hand, private firms/industries having their own internal evaluations for themselves to develop their own management structures/solve their own internal affairs.

The Utilization of Data: How data is obtained, interpreted/evaluated, to what extent is it used/abused, and how are conclusions/recommendations/programs developed off of this data/utilized into developing laws, rules, policies, etc…

Reevaluation of Evaluation: Needing more resources to develop better products/services/policies to protect the interests, health, and overall well-being of evaluation modules and projects, which could overall affect the interest/credibility of the evaluation industry. Need for a gold standard certification for evaluators.

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