Environmental Evaluation: Theory Gaps

EEN Special Projects

Project Description:

A project description is coming soon. Please email the project leader for more information (or leave your name in the comments field below) to join the group.

Project Leader:

Avigya Karki

Team Members:

Jason Chasse

Julie Robinson

Whitney Terrill

Beverly Parsons

Juha Uitto

Andy Rowe

Matt Keene

Environmental Evaluators
The EEN is helping advance the field of environmental evaluation through more systematic and collective learning.


  1. Roberto Martin
    24 July 13, 1:33pm

    The EEN Special Project “Environmental Evaluation: Theory Gaps” caught my attention. I was wondering if there are shareable documents associated with this project. I am an evaluation specialist working with USAID to increase the application of theories of change to programming so that we can improve evaluation. Thanks!

  2. Birdie Krebs
    06 April 13, 9:18am


    I work at Portland State University in our Leadership in Sustainability Education master’s program. I am focusing on the social, environmental and ecological perspectives of environmental outcomes and the relationships that must be developed between these perspectives and nature herself. I am extremely interested in theory gaps and would appreciate an opportunity to join your forum.

    -Rebecca Birdie Krebs

  3. Kim Norris
    04 September 12, 1:05pm

    Hi, all.

    I’d like to join this group.


    Kim Norris

  4. Matt Keene
    02 August 12, 11:49am

    Avigya’s email is kark0029@umn.edu

  5. Alyssa Wechsler
    01 August 12, 8:53am

    Hi everyone,
    I attended the EEN conference this year, but I had to leave early. I would be interested in joining this project group.


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