EEN Coordination: Opportunities for the US and Europe

EEN Special Projects

Project Description:

A project description is coming soon. Please email the project leader for more information (or leave your name in the comments field below) to join the group.

Project Leader:

Matt Keene

Team Members:

Joe McCrary

Ingrid Schulze

George Schuler

Jess Chandler

Andy Rowe

Whitney Terrill

Lieven De Smet

Environmental Evaluators
The EEN is helping advance the field of environmental evaluation through more systematic and collective learning.

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  1. Kim Norris
    04 September 12, 1:02pm

    Hi! I had a professional conflict and couldn’t make the meeting this year. I would like to join this group. Is that possible? I read about in the AEA Headlines today.


    Missed all of you!

    Kim Norris

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