Datapalooza: Unlocking Data in the Environmental Sector

EEN Special Projects

Project Description:

A project description is coming soon. Please email the project leader for more information (or leave your name in the comments field below) to join the group.

Project Leader:

Joe McCrary

Team Members:

Daniel Kaufman

Susan Kistler

Jess Chandler

George Schuler

Pawel Sulima

Abigail (Abby) Burrows

Matt Keene

Nick Hart


  1. Matt Keene
    01 October 12, 7:04am

    Just watched Energy Datapalooza on

    I assume it will be archived and available to watch later. It could help us to understand how to describe the datapalooza and its purpose. In fact, it looks like an Environment Datapalooza might consider inviting some of the same folks that are speaking at E Datapalooza as they speak about E use, efficiency and behavior change

  2. Matt Keene
    02 August 12, 11:47am

    Joe M’s email is

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