2012 US Pre-Forum Workshops

Consider signing up for a pre-Forum workshop!

The following workshops will be held the day before the EEN Forum and are offered by friends of EEN. Workshops require a separate registration.

If you have questions about the pre-Forum workshops, please be sure to contact the individual workshop hosts – there is a “Contact the host” button on each information and registration page.

Please be sure to register for only one as they are all held at the same day and time.

When: Tuesday, July 17, 2012 • 9am-5pm
Locations: To be announced 

Systems Thinking and Evaluation

Hosted by: InSites

Event Details: Join us to explore ways to apply systems thinking to evaluation. After addressing a basic understanding of systems, we will focus on different types of human system dynamics—random (unorganized), simple and complicated (organized), and complex adaptive (self-organizing) system dynamics. Read more

Adaptive Management – Tools for Planning & Monitoring Conservation Projects

Hosted by: Foundations of Success

Event Details: During this course, we will provide you with a brief overview of the CMP and their standard guidelines for how to apply adaptive management principles to environmental projects. Read more

Rapid Impact Evaluation

Hosted by: Andy Rowe

Event Details: There are many settings where evaluation is beneficial but unlikely because of the expense or intrusiveness of most impact evaluation approaches.  Yet it is important for all natural resource settings to be able to evaluate the results from their efforts; as an important input to adapting the intervention to improve performance, provide… Read more

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