201: Confusion, Suspicion, and Shattered Dreams: An Evaluation Play in Three Acts


Annelise Carleton-Hug (Trillium Associates)


This session will tackle the complex interpersonal relationships and negotiations that are central to conducting evaluations by dramatizing three scenes from an evaluation of a conservation program. Each short scene will present an exaggerated compilation of possible pitfalls and challenges involved in evaluations. Three commentators will offer their interpretation of how to overcome or avoid the issues presented in the scene, drawing from their own knowledge and experiences. Audience commentary will be heartily welcomed.

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  1. 16 June 11, 7:22am

    Seeking “expert” commentators: If you have experience conducting, facilitating or managing environmental evaluations, we’d love to include your expertise! We’re looking for three audience members to serve as commentators to jump-start the discussions following each of the scenes in the play. C’mon! It’ll be fun! No theatrical experience required, but a willingness to share your opinions is a must. Contact Annelise Carleton-Hug.

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